Jordan - Managing Director

Our Managing Director Jordan has a long history in Aquatic and Farming practices. He has a Master’s Degree in Engineering so he is constantly thinking of innovative solutions to industry problems.
Jordan oversees the overall operations of the company as well as the company’s future planning.

Scott - Executive Director

Scott, the second in charge, oversees the overall operations of the company alongside Jordan. 
Completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, he is responsible for the day to day of the company. He is the ‘go-to’ person whenever a problem arises but he takes pride in being able to assist people, whether it is on projects, conducting research, or simply ensuring all tasks are completed to the highest standard.

Dylan - Operations Manager

Dylan by trade is a qualified electrical contractor, however, he lends his hand in all aspects of the company. He helps Scott with the day-to-day operations. 
His attention to detail ensures that every task is completed well. 

Ron - Specialist Mill Manager 

Ron is our local Specialist when it comes to the AquaFeeds, feed mill. He is an experienced Mill Manager, specialising in extrusion milling and fish nutrition. All our animals, receive the highest quality feed because of Ron’s expertise!
He has worked in the milling industry for 25 years and completed an Engineering Degree in the Philippines. 

Tsai - Hatchery Specialist 

Growing up in Taiwan, Tsai has always been passionate about animals. He is our resident Aquaculturist with a plethora of knowledge regarding Crayfish and Fish Health. Tsai is responsible for the day-to-day operations in the hatchery ensuring all our animals are healthy. 
Graduating with a degree in Aquaculture, Tsai has experience working on one of Taiwan’s largest Fish Farms.

John - Development Manager

Our Development Manager, John specialises in Earthworks. He has been in construction for over 30 years so he is well versed within the industry.
 He currently oversees all the construction and development in AquaFarms.

Emily - Marketing and Communications Assistant

Graduating with a Degree in Marketing and Public Relations, Emily is responsible for the Marketing department but focuses on the digital content released from AquaFarms. She is passionate about transparency so she ensures that all communications within the AquaFarms team and to all stakeholders are clear. 

Meg - Marketing and Managing Assistant

With a degree in Communication & Media and Management, Meg oversees the whole marketing department with Emily. Not only is she responsible for AquaFarms' content creation but she is also responsible for creating and implementing internal processes and organisational structures within the company.