AquaFarms is a collective of Australian Farmers looking to provide you with the best quality produce at
our farm gate prices. Delivered directly to your doorstep,AquaFarms believes in the power of a ‘Pond
To Plate’ supply chain to ensure the freshest quality produce.


At AquaFarms we offer a range of fresh produce and livestock including; marron, yabbies, silver perch,
freshwater trout, and Murray codfish. 
As the sole producer of Murray codfish in Western Australia, AquaFarms is committed to our research
and development - constantly pushing the boundaries of supply in Western Australia to bring our
customers exciting new produce.
Stocking both juvenile and adult-sized marron, our state-of-the-art hatchery is developed to produce
marron out of season. Whether you are looking to procure juveniles for your ponds, or ready-to-eat
marron for the restaurant, AquaFarms is your go-to supplier.
AquaFarms, being located in the nutrient-rich region of the South West, has the advantage of cool, wet
winters to replenish our ponds with fresh rainwater annually. The hot dry summers support the cycle of
nutrients through our ecosystem and create the optimal environment for marron farming.

AquaFarms’ unique company structure supports local farmers through our strategic operations and partnerships.
Click here to read more about our ‘Contract Growing Model’, and how we are working together to support
Aussie farmers.