As a collective of farmers, AquaFarms facilitates and relies on the collaborative operations of local
growers in our ‘Contract Growing’ Model. 

Contract Growing

The ‘Contract Growing’ Model exists to maximise productivity and capitalise on our farmer's strengths.
The ‘Contract Growing’ Model enables us with the capacity to produce juvenile marron out of season, subsiding
the growing industries demand for juveniles.
This allows farmers of The Collective to focus on growing out marron, as we fine tune the art of marron breeding
and genetics.
How the Model Works
In the ‘Contract Growing’ Model, we provide our farmers with our young juvenile marron and our state-of-the-art
feed mill at no upfront cost.
The farmers will then grow out the carefully selected juvenile stock in their own ponds until the marron are ready
for harvesting. As per the contract, we will then buy the marron back to sell them onto clients.
The Benefits to Growers:
The Benefit to AquaFarms: 
- Guaranteed and consistent juvenile stock in an undersupplied market
- Ensured sales for our marron hatchery
- Guaranteed breeding and genetic optimisation from our state-of-the-art hatchery
- Investment in productivity as we focus on our strengths
- Cost effective feed and juvenile procurement

- Assured sales at the end of season


Quality Assurance

To ensure all our produce is of the best quality, it is required that all our partners pass our ‘Quality Assurance’
Program. We test the water quality in each dam for contaminants that can affect the quality of our products such
as herbicides, pesticides, and hydrocarbons.
Additionally, as a part of our ‘Partner Support Program’, we want to make sure that our farmers are supported. This
is why we provide aquatic feed to our partners at no cost. So they don't have to worry about the feeding cost of our
produce. This also allows us have peace of mind that
 each animal has adequate feed and nutrients for their growth. 


The ‘Quality Assurance’ Program ensures;
- Growers are capable to maintain healthy marron ponds
- Growers have access to high quality water that's safe for marron
- Proven operations of previous marron farming
- That our animals are receiving sufficient nutrients, care and protection to optimise their growth 
We provide our own feed produced via our AquaFeeds facility.