AquaFarms wants to ensure that all partners are supported in every way possible. We also want to ensure
all our animals receive the same quality feed regardless of who is growing them.
That's why we provide all our farmers with animal feed so they don't have to worry about the cost of feeding.
It also gives us peace of mind knowing our animals are receiving the best quality feed on the market. We call
this ‘Feed Quality Control’. The feed given is supplied by our own facility through AquaFeeds. 
AquaFeeds is the only feed mill, within Western Australia, to use ‘Extrusion Milling’. This form of milling is
extremely beneficial for the growth and development of fish and crayfish health. 


In 2017, AquaFarms and AquaFeeds were given the recipe and rights for Crayfish feed that was developed by
the University of Alabama. This recipe showed an increase in growth rates of over 100 percent and an increase
in survivability of 87 percent. 
AquaFeeds have also been developing their formula for marron to improve growth rates for the last 5 years.
It was through this development that we discovered that the final feed from Extrusion Milling was highly digestible
and optimal for marron. 


Our fish formulations was derived from our own research and development conducted at our Capel Property. We
are continuously developing new feeds and trailing them in our Recirculating Fish Research Centre  (RFRC). With
over twenty purpose-built tanks we are able to determine the effectiveness of our various feed formulations across
various species of fish such as Barramundi, Murray Cod and Silver perch. 
Having the ability to test our feeds in our research facility gives us the confidence to be able to stand behind our
feeds, and quickly advance our formulations.