A step-by-step guide on preparing a whole fish, marrons, and yabbies from start to finish. It may seem
intimidating at first but it's easier than you think.


Marron and Yabby

What is it?
A mysterious freshwater crayfish, these little critters are endemic to Western Australia’s river systems.
As daunting as their exteriors may be, marron and yabby meat is a delicacy. Their tender and sweet meat
are highly sought after, and chefs around the world love to feature it in exotic dishes. From brown
butter-poached marron tails to lime and avocado cured marron ceviche, this Western Australian favourite
is endlessly versatile and delicious. 
How do I prepare it?
While marron may look extremely daunting, the preparation process is actually quite simple. If you are a
hands on chef and happy to see the process through, the most humane way to prepare a marron is by
placing it in the freezer for roughly 30 minutes. The cool temperatures will lower its heart rate and put the
critter to sleep. But don't worry, if you would like the simplified version, pre-prepared marron tails are also
available from AquaFarms. 



Cut the Marron 

Once the marron is asleep, use a sharp knife to split the marron down the middle.


Clean the Marron

  Clean under running water and dispose of the innards.
While there are arguably many ways to clean a marron, this process will maximise the end amount of meat.

A simple grilling on the barbecue with some garlic butter is a crowd pleaser, or a home made marron
is sure to impress. Whichever method you choose, this special ingredient is extremely versatile
and delicious in many dishes. 


How do I prepare it?
Cooking and cleaning a whole fish may seem intimidating to you right now, but in actuality, the process is
quite simple (however, it may get messy). 



Sharpen Your Knife 

A sharp knife is a safe knife


Remove Fish Scales

Using the back of your knife, push the scales away from the fish body, from tail to head.

There are a lot of scales so keep going and remove the scale from the entire fish.


Open the Belly and Remove the Organs

Locate the fish anus (exit point) and insert your knife blade up, carefully cut the belly to the area
between the fins.


Remove the Guts

This part will get messy. Insert your hand into the cavity and grasp the fish organ, pulling them out.
The organs are touch and well attached so pull hard. Continue until the cavity is empty.

Run the gutted fish under clean running water to clear away some of the fluids.


Remove the Head (optional)

This step is based on personal preference, so it’s completely optional. Some prefer to serve the whole
fish while others prefer to serve without. 

Use your knife to cut just behind the head and front of the fins. Slice through the flesh on the top and
both sides. 

You’ll need to apply some downwards force to cut through the spine. Use a sharp and/or heavy knife
but keep fingers out of the way.


Time to Cook!

At this point all you need to do is season and flavour the fish (stuff the cavity with your chosen flavours)
and cook on the device of your choosing; oven, pan grill

Whether it's easy Mediterranean seasoned fish for a dinner party or Chinese-inspired flavour for a dinner date, our fish are very versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways!