The marron is a species of freshwater crayfish native to Western Australia, they are a delicate creature, found naturally in river systems. They are known for their uniquely firm texture yet sweet taste.

The majority of marron’s aquaculture occurs in Western Australia, specifically the southwest of WA. Department of Fisheries has dubbed Capel the perfect climate for growing Marron due to the higher consistency of warm weather.





The yabby is another freshwater crayfish native to Australia. Just like the Marron, they are found in river systems, streams, and dams. 

In comparison to Marron, Yabbies have a naturally sweeter taste with an extremely tender texture. They have softshell which makes it easy for chefs to infuse their flavours into the meat.

Yabbies are smaller in size making their meat a sort-after delicacy in WA.

Murray Cod

Australia’s native, Murray Cod is known for its creamy and mild taste. The Murray Cod is extremely sort after in fine-dining restaurants and Asian export markets.

The esteemed reviews of ‘Delicious’ magazine and publication dubbed the Murray Cod as the best freshwater eating fish with its delicate flavour and firm texture. 

Murray Cod is endemic to The Murray Darling Basin, making AquaFarms the sole licensed supplier in WA.


Silver Perch

The Silver Perch are a hardy freshwater fish that’s well-suited for aquaculture. They are found naturally in lowland, turbid, slow-flowing rivers but they can adapt to a variety of climates.

Given their freshwater habitats, their meat is less salty in comparison to saltwater fish meaning they are easily seasoned and readily suited for a variety of different cuisine.  

A versatile fish, the Silver Perch is a crowd-pleaser.



The trout is the most sought-after freshwater fish in Australia. As an introduced species from UK, the trout has become a popular ingredient in a variety of dishes.

The freshwater quality allows the meat to taste very clean, they are a versatile and affordable option.